The Kitty Congdon Mentorship Series is a signature women’s mentoring program. This program introduces new mentors to key focus areas they will use as they are mentoring other women by learning about themselves first.


The Kitty Congdon Mentorship Series is a program that is designed for women to learn how to mentor by first learning about themselves. The first part of the 6-month series is lead by Jennifer Marineau, author of Kick Some Glass. Through this series, Jennifer will lead women as they:


✓ Identify the barriers (organizational, cultural, and individual) that result in fewer women at senior levels of leadership in organizations
✓ Develop your own values-based statement of intention
✓ Understand the role that agency has in your career success.
✓ Define success your way
✓ Understand your network and the critical roles needed.
✓ Begin to map your network.

For information on applying to participate in the Kitty Congdon Mentorship Series please contact