The Women in Motion mission to “develop partnerships and programs that help women achieve independence and fulfillment” has led the initiative to a new partnership with the Center for Academic Engagement of Guilford Technical Community College to help keep economically disadvantaged GTCC women enrolled, through graduation, by providing workshops and mentoring for students who are at risk of dropping out for non-academic reasons.

Women in Motion gets our population.”
—Sybil Newman

Earning an associate degree through a community college can make a big difference in advancing a career and earning more income, along with gaining greater overall stability and security. Any academic endeavor requires dedication, study and hard work, but in many community colleges, it also demands balancing a full-time job, finances, home life and daycare. Even with good grades, such demands can hinder aspiring students who are often forced to drop out and never complete their degrees.

This is why a program called Titan Link is so important to GTCC women. The program is a resource for addressing non-academic challenges, be they financial, medical, housing, transportation or childcare.

Women in Motion is leading four workshops for students in the Titan Link program, covering:

  • Professional Development
  • Self-esteem and Empowerment
  • Negotiation
  • Financial Literacy

Women in Motion will also team up with groups of 20 GTCC women to provide consultation and mentoring to encourage degree completion.

“We’re excited about this opportunity to help women in the workplace excel through continuing education,” said Dr. Ginny McDermott, Women in Motion leadership committee member and interim dean of the Nido R. Qubein School of Communication at High Point University. “This will be the first of many such partnerships in the community and the Titan Link program gives us a template for future engagements with community partners like GTCC.”

Titan Link Coordinator, Sybil Newman. (Photo by Carla Kucinski for GTCC.)

Sybil Newman of the Center for Academic Engagement coordinates Titan Link and was instrumental in arranging the Women in Motion partnership.

“Women in Motion gets our population,” says Newman. “They understand that 41% of the population in our institution are moms and need to retool their work, finances and childcare arrangement, as well as other elements outside of classroom in order to succeed.

“We’ve seen a decrease in enrollment across the state, so we have to keep students connected. If we don’t address the non-academic they can’t stay.”

Newman says 50% of students separate from school because “life happens” and of this group, 41% are woman.

“Women in Motion has signed on to undergird women taking classes,” says Newman. “Titan Link women will learn about self-esteem and empowerment, financial literacy, and negotiation techniques to help women complete their GTCC degrees and go into the market with ammunition while better knowing themselves.”

For more information about our work with Titan Link, contact us here.