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Empowering Stories: Yolanda Grier's Journey with Women in Motion

The Women in Motion community is a mosaic of diverse backgrounds, talents, and stories. From CEOs to artists, small business owners to retirees, each woman brings her unique brilliance, forming extraordinary connections that fuel collaboration and empowerment.

Yolanda Grier speaking at 2023 Women's Summit
Yolanda Grier Speaking at 2023 Women's Summit Photography by Go Forth Marketing

Yolanda Grier's journey with Women in Motion began with a spark of inspiration ignited by the 2022 Women in Motion Summit. Compelled by a deep sense of belonging and a desire to contribute to a collective effort that champions the empowerment of women, Yolanda reached out and was warmly embraced. This marked the beginning of a journey characterized by growth, connection, and empowerment. With our inclusive and supportive framework, Women in Motion provided Yolanda with a platform to connect with like-minded individuals, showcase her talents, and share her story of resilience and strength.

Yolanda Grier, Pam Baldwin, & Dana Holliday Artists at the 2023 Art & Networking Event
Yolanda Grier, Pam Baldwin, & Dana Holliday Artists at the 2023 Art & Networking Event

Throughout her involvement, Yolanda has actively participated in our various networking events. She describes each event as "planned and charged with an uplifting energy," which serves as a testament to the organization's commitment to fostering a supportive community where women uplift one another. During one such event, the Art and Networking event, Yolanda had the opportunity to display her vibrant abstract art, gaining recognition among the members as a talented artist. Her artwork, alongside her published books, "Heart In Pieces Made Whole" and "The Other Side of Whole," has resonated with many, turning some members into avid collectors and supporters of her work.

Yolanda's journey is not just one of personal growth but also of giving back. Having overcome trauma and abuse, she is driven by a mission to create safe spaces for women to "Believe, Become, and Be Free." Her participation in the WIM Kitty Congdon Mentoring Series further exemplifies her commitment to this cause, leading her to opportunities that inspire others, such as teaching a creative healing class at High Point University and engaging in meaningful dialogues as a panelist for the L.I.F.T. Fellows.

Yolanda's story is a powerful reminder of the transformative impact of Women in Motion on individual lives and the collective narrative of women's empowerment. Through her involvement, Yolanda has found a community that supports her and has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for others.

As Yolanda leads "GWEN: The Art of Emotional Wellness" this Saturday, her journey has come full circle as she embodies the transformative spirit of Women in Motion, inspiring others to believe in themselves and their potential. Yolanda's story reminds us that all women can achieve extraordinary things through connection and empowerment.

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