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Women in Motion of High Point

Women in Motion Grant 
Deadline: June 16, 2023

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Women In Motion seeks to partner with community organizations to create solutions that will enable women in the workforce to ensure economic and professional growth leading to additional leadership in our communities. Our areas of focus are:


  • Education: Women need additional education to help them negotiate and advocate for themselves and their families.

  • Mentorship: Women need better systems for networking and encouraging growth in each other.

  • Resources: Women, especially women small business owners, expressed a need to tap into resources that already exist in the community in order to increase their professional and business success.

  • Wellness: Women seek to balance personal wellness and professional success with professional and family demands.

Grant requests should not exceed $10,000

  • Have 501(c) (3) tax-exempt status as defined by the Internal Revenue Service*.

  • Programs must primarily serve women in the greater High Point community, including Archdale, Trinity, Thomasville, and Jamestown. 

  • Programs should pertain to one or more of Women In Motion’s four identified areas of need. The primary desired outcome is to improve the personal, economic or professional development of women in the workforce. A secondary desired outcome is to increase the number of women willing and able to take on leadership roles in the communities we serve. We welcome pilot programs that target under-represented women in the community.


Pam Baldwin


Previous Grant Recipients 

This grant was funded solely by our members as a portion of membership dues goes towards supporting our grant program. 


West End Ministries

2023 WIM Grant Recipient, West End Ministries's On-Site Counseling Program. This funding will provide even more hours of free and accessible counseling to women in our community, empowering them to overcome challenges and live life to their fullest potential.



2022 WIM Grant Recipient, High Point Police Department Women's Empowerment Institute (WEI). WEI aims to provide female employees with the building blocks for success in both the workplace and in their personal lives.

This grant was funded solely by our members as a portion of membership dues goes towards supporting our grant program. 

Women's Empowerment Institute

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