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Your Ideal Day

Have you ever considered what your ideal day would look like? Not an unrealistic, dream day but an ideal day you could actually start tomorrow.

During the second session of our 2021 GWEN Series, Women in Motion Director Pam Baldwin leads us through an ideal day activity. This activity will help you figure out your priorities and steps to achieve your goals. as well as your and find pockets of white spaces that you may be missing.

Consider your Circadian Rythem. For example, if you enjoy getting up early and doing your best work in the morning, make sure your important priority items happen early in the day. If you struggle to get up early schedule your day to do more productive work in the evening. . Also, consider the ultradian rhythm by including a time to rest between activities.

What is The GWEN Program?

The GWEN Program empowers women and helps them navigate life transitions. These workshops help women explore ideas and expand in their personal and professional goals, impacting their communities positively.


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